Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.

Welcome to Nishimu

Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 as an affiliated company of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. and is now a 100% subsidiary. 

Ever since our founding, Nishimu‘s growth has been supported by our core technologies in the fields of telecommunications, monitoring, control and electrical power. We are committed to delivering optimal and innovative total solutions that cover everything from design, manufacture, installation and maintenance to system engineering and consulting.

Via our integrated technologies in the fields of telecommunications, energy, the environment and architecture, we deliver innovations that offer a high level response to diversifying customer needs.

Company Profile

(1) Name: Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.
(2) Establishment : November 1, 1963
(3) Capital: 300 million yen (Authorized capital: 1,200 million yen)
(4) No. of Employees: 861 (as of April 1, 2023)
(5) President : Hideyuki Yamashina

Business Fields

  1. Development, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, sanitary facilities, and measurement equipment
  2. Survey, planning and implementation of telecommunications work, electrical work, steel structure construction work, scaffolding, earthworks and concrete work, painting and coating work, and demolition and general building work
  3. Provision of information transmission and collection services utilizing information and communication network systems
  4. Marketing and maintenance of radiation measuring equipment and environmental measurement equipment
  5. Telecommunications business as defined in the Telecommunications Business Act
  6. Consulting and technologies related to all the above
  7. Convenience store management
  8. Worker dispatch business
  9. Business incidental to all the above


Headquarters :

1-2-1, Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 812-8539

       Saga Plant

Branches & Offices :

Tokyo Branch, Osaka Branch, Hiroshima Office, Fukuoka Branch, Kitakyushu Branch, Saga Branch, Nagasaki Branch, Oita Branch, Kumamoto Branch, Miyazaki Branch, Kagoshima Branch, Taiwan Branch

Products and Services

  1. Electrical power related
    (1) TAMERBA power storage system
    (2) Uninterruptible power supply equipment (UPS, medical-grade UPS)
    (3) DC power supply equipment (power supply equipment)
    (4) Other measures against power outages (lightning rods, emergency generators)
  2. ICT solutions related
    (1) Network consulting
    (2) System construction
    (3) Monitoring, operation, and maintenance
  3. Electric power facility related
    (1) Fault Sector system to locate transmission line faults
    (2) Salt Meter system to measure electrical insulator damage
  4. Green and energy-saving related
    (1) TOWAILET self-treatment type flush toilet
    (2) Instant demand control units
    (3) Surplus power charge/discharge control device to prevent[A1]  reverse power flow in self-consumption home solar power systems
  5. Control, transmission and measurement related
    (1) MCA community wireless broadcast system
    (2) IP-enabled monitoring station equipment
    (3) Universal repeater
  6. Monitoring and IoT related
    (1)IoT related
         - MIHARAS IT sensor for agricultural use
    (2) Monitoring systems
         - Surveillance camera (ITV/CCTV) system
         - NS Station large-scale remote surveillance system
        - JKS warning system of human proximity behind heavy machinery
    ​​​​    - SOLATIM environmental monitoring service
         - Facility monitoring service
  7. Other
         Digital signage

ISO9001 Certification

The Nishimu Manufacturing Division (Saga Plant) has obtained ISO 9001 (2020) certification for international quality management assurance.

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