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Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") considers it our important responsibility to appropriately handle and protect information that can identify an individual (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"), and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.

The appropriate use of personal information

When the Company acquires personal information, it is handled in accordance with the purposes of use shown below.

〔Purposes of use for personal information〕

Personal information handled by the Company is used within the scope necessary for the conclusion and execution of contracts, the development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of products, the provision of goods and services, and other subsequent tasks related to businesses described in the Company’s Articles of Incorporation.    1.   

  1. Development, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, sanitary
    facilities, and measurement equipment

  2. Survey, planning and implementation of telecommunications work, electrical work, steel structure construction work, scaffolding, earthworks and concrete work, painting and coating work, and demolition and general building work

  3. Provision of information transmission and collection services utilizing information and communication network systems

  4. Marketing and maintenance of radiation measuring equipment and environmental measurement equipment

  5. Telecommunications business as defined in the Telecommunications Business Act

  6. Consulting and technologies related to all the above

  7. Convenience store management

  8. Worker dispatch business

  9. Business incidental to all the above


Non-disclosure of personal information to third parties

  • When you have given your consent
  • When it is provided or disclosed to the Company’s subsidiaries, agents, distributors and subcontractors to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes of use notified to you or announced when the Company acquired your personal information
  • When it is permitted by law

Response to inquiries regarding personal information

The Company will utilize the designated contact point to respond to inquiries regarding a person’s own personal information.

The safe management of personal information

The Company takes the required security measures to prevent the loss, falsification or leaking of personal information in our possession.

Training for executives and employees

The Company carries out training and awareness campaigns so that our executives and employees are aware of the importance of personal information and handle it appropriately.

Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information

In our handling of personal information, the Company complies with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.

Continuous improvement of strategies to protect personal information

The Company strives to continuously improve our strategies concerning the protection of personal information.

nformation regarding matters officially announced in accordance with “the handling of personal information”

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The protection of personal information

Collection of personal information

  • Responding to inquiries from visitors regarding this site
  • Responding to visitor requests for documents regarding services handled by this site
  • Providing information about products and services, and conducting surveys, via email

The management of personal information

Personal information collected from visitors is managed appropriately by the Company to prevent unauthorized access, loss, etc.

The use of personal information

Personal information collected from visitors to this site will only be provided or disclosed to third parties if any of the following cases apply.

  • When the visitor themself has given their consent
  • When personal information is provided to a subcontractor to the extent necessary for the execution of their business
  • In other cases permitted by laws and regulations

Actions such as viewing, correcting or deleting personal information

If a visitor wishes to check the details of their personal information collected on this site, we will take appropriate measures without delay, after taking steps such as thoroughly checking that the request was made by the visitor themself.


Cookies are small pieces of data that websites send to a visitor’s browser so that the Internet operates efficiently. The Company may use cookies to customize our website to match the individual needs of visitors, or to improve the content of our website or the services we provide in order to boost visitor satisfaction.

You can use your browser settings to refuse to accept cookies or to display a warning when you receive a cookie. However, doing so may lead to restrictions such as being unable to use some features of the website.

Our access log

Information about visitors who have accessed this website is recorded and stored in the form of an access log. This access log contains the IP address, host name and browser used to access the website, the access date and time, and the referrer information (the page from which the visitor followed a link), but it does not contain information that identifies individual visitors.

This access log is used for site maintenance and statistical analysis of site access; it is not used for any other purpose.

Contact point for inquiries concerning our handling of personal information

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